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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Raspberry-Mint Syrup

We picked up another 3 pack of berries today at the farmer's market, but this time we got some beautiful, juicy raspberries! I had to start the syrup right away because they were so delicious that they were starting to disappear from the fridge, and nobody seemed to know why.

The recipe for this was the same recipe we used for our Blackberry Syrup, except that here we used regular sugar instead of Splenda. I also added the leaves from six sprigs of mint out of our garden, but I wish now that I had added more because the mint flavor is not as prominent as I hoped it would be.

I initially made this as a gift for my father, but it tastes so wonderful that he'll be lucky if it makes it there. I'm kicking myself now for not making it sugar-free so that I could enjoy a jar myself! Next week we're going to do Blueberry Syrup...so keep an eye out for that post!

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